Section A – VAT (Value Added Tax)

All prices calculated in taxidermyquote.com are exclusive VAT (Valued Added Tax).

The VAT percentage depends on country of the client’s residence and other factors. For invoices to private persons in an EU-member country, the standard VAT is 25% (Germany only 19%)

NB: There is no VAT on our invoice (zero) if:

  • If you have been hunting in an African country and have chosen our ALL INCLUSIVE shipping solution.

  • If you live in a country outside EU (like for instance USA or Norway)

  • If we can invoice to company / person with a valid EU VAT number

Section B - Conversion of EURO to other currencies
All prices calculated in taxidermyquote.com are calculated in EURO
If country of residence is Denmark or Sweden, the prices can be converted to DKK and SEK in the order confirmation, and there can be small variation from the official currency conversions due to round up or round down of the amount.

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